Imagine the most perfect little town in the middle of a valley. Snow-capped mountains surround the town from every direction. Elk and deer frequently feed around the outskirts of town. Strangers smile at you as you walk down the street, some even say hi (a foreign concept to any Toronto native). Along with the vast mountains, the river and surrounding lakes provide the most breath taking hiking trails one could ever hope for. Sounds perfect, right?

That’s the most accurate description of Canmore. Located on the Western side of Canada, right near Banff National Park, Canmore is known worldwide for being a picturesque mountainside town. The online photos of the town, though extremely beautiful, never seem to do the views much justice. This town, which I’m so blessed to call home for the next little while, is something that everyone should experience. It’s unlike anything I could’ve imagined. A true little piece of heaven, right here in Canada.

Local Guide: Best Eats


Chez Francois: if you’re looking for a delicious and inexpensive breaky with a French twist, this is the place to start your day. From numerous egg bennies, to mouth-watering crepes, you can’t to wrong making a decision here. And for the veg-heads out there – you aren’t limited to toast and jam! They have so many veggie breakfast options, which was awesome to see! Chez Francois is definitely a must when you’re in Canmore.


Communitea: This has become my go-to cafe to grab some lunch and chill out with a good book. It’s a laid-back cafe with healthy food that also happens to be DELISH. The food ranges from healthy sandwiches to a rainbow Pad Thai (which happens to be my fav on their menu). They also have a wide range of yummy teas that can be made over ice, something I became partly addicted to during my summer in Canmore. They also have extremely friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere. I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re making your way through the Canadian Rockies!


Grizzly Paw: You won’t get the fanciest of meals here, but you surely won’t be disappointed! The grizzly paw also happens to be a brewery which means they have an extensive list of beers to choose from. Their menu has a range of pub-grub style food, but has a few veggie options, which I appreciated when I got the munchies after a couple pints (their cauliflower wings hit the spot). On top of the yummy food and refreshing beer, they have an awesome patio that has a wooden fire for when the summer nights get a little chilly. After all, sitting around a fire with a beer in hand is a must-do when in Canmore (don’t forget to wear your flannel).

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