Falling in Love with the Royal Mile

I could visit Edinburgh every single day and not get tired of it. Everywhere you turn there are amazing buildings staring at you (the cathedral is a must see). There are several parks and gardens that are perfect for an afternoon stroll, shopping strips filled with an awesome list of stores, and even big rolling hills which provide some great hiking trails, all right within the city. So, spending two days walking for miles on end is not a difficult task. Although there are many beautiful areas within the city the Royal Mile definitely stands out as the most amazing part of Edinburgh. There is ALWAYS something new and exciting to see. Street artists, market vendors, and talented musicians, fill the Royal Mile. The area is encompassed by European architecture and a general old-town feel. Walking up the cobblestone street with the giant castle ahead of you, a breathtaking cathedral on your left-hand side, and excitement all around you, doesn’t ever get old.



Even though I was completely comfortable spending a day by myself, exploring a foreign city, I was a little nervous about how the evening would transpire. I didn’t know a soul in Edinburgh and didn’t have any plans on what I would be doing. So, as any young traveller would do, I signed myself up for a pub crawl. After chowing down on a delicious veggie-burger, I cleaned myself up in the relatively clean hostel bathroom, and went to meet up with a group of strangers at a local pub. What was a bit of an awkward-feeling scene at first, quickly turned into dozens of conversations with people from all over the world. I met some amazing, open, people, all who had extremely unique and interesting stories, which made the conversations so great. Australians, Canadians, Italians, Danes, and more, filled this tiny pub, until there were 125 of us, simultaneously taking jagger bombs together. And so we walked (and later, some stumbled) from pub to pub around Edinburgh, in a giant swarm of unapologetic travellers. Everyone was so engaging and excited, which provided an exhilarating atmosphere for the night. Although the good deal for the pub crawl is what caught my attention (7 pubs gets you into 7 venues and 7 free drinks), I am damn glad that I forced myself to break out of my shell and push my comfort zone a bit. I met some amazing people who I now have great memories with, and although I probably won’t see most of them ever again, I will forever remember the wild night that was my first hostel experience.

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