First Hostel Experience

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I don’t think I could have picked a better city to have my first official hostel experience in. Although I have been living a couple hours away from Edinburgh throughout the summer, and had visited once before, I figured that fact would be quite comforting when staying over night, by myself, in a foreign city, for the first time. And seeing as my plan is to travel the world in my twenties, I figured I might as well familiarise myself with the hostel life as soon as possible. The hostel I stayed at was absolutely perfect, filled with the friendliest people from all end’s of the earth. A giant, old-school, VW van was redesigned as the cafe bar in the middle of the lounge, which definitely added to the zen atmosphere that engulfed the hostel. Pub crawls and walking tours were all offered by the hostel which made me realise that although I’ll be mainly solo travelling in the future, it will be pretty difficult to feel lonely. There are always people around and dozens of opportunities to interact with other travellers and make new friends. After choosing my bed and storing away my bag I decided to do some much needed exploring around the city.

What I would suggest if you’re a hostel newbie is to chat up anyone and everyone. If there’s no one in your room when you check in, get a pint of beer in your hostel lounge and sit with a stranger. Even if you just end up having that one conversation, and nothing further, you get to meet people from all over the world and find out about their life story, which is pretty amazing. A lot of the people I’ve met in hostels I still talk to till this day and see what their up to through social media, which gives me the opportunity to meet up with them if we end up being in the same country at the same time. From those first conversations, I’ve been able to make some amazing friends. Letting your guard down for a moment can definitely be worth it, once in a while.

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