So I’m currently sitting at an Irish pub, in the latin quarter of Galway city. Irish stout in hand I can’t help but feel a childish giddy feeling looking around at my surroundings right now.  An Irish band is blasting their jig throughout the pub and the atmosphere is intoxicating. It’s pretty dang packed in here which I’m quite surprised about because it’s a Tuesday evening, mid-March, which I would say is out of season for a town like Galway. But I guess St. Paddy’s is around the corner and people want to warm up before the festivities begin. Regardless, the tourists and locals alike are steadily getting louder and wobblier (a new word I just invented).

-This is where I stopped writing because I was invited to share a few pints with some Argentinean’s, and well, I didn’t get back to the writing.

I guess what I was trying to get at was that I had the most ideal first night in Galway. Ireland was the first country I dreamed of moving to when I started considering doing something crazy like moving to a foreign country, so the fact that I found myself in a scenario like I described above, felt a little surreal. I know Ireland isn’t necessarily out-there foreign taking me out of my comfort zone or anything, but it has always held a special place in my heart (cheesy – gag). I feel so excited and motivated to create – write, photograph, take videos, and who knows maybe I’ll even pick up a used keyboard and get back to my piano playing.

Sometime’s I look at my life and get a sudden swarm of anxiety. What am I going to do for a career? Who do I want to be? Where is my home? But when those moments pass, I feel the way I feel today. Grateful, and unbelievably happy to be living wherever my heart desires. Chasing your dream life is definitely worth it.

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