Curious Culture

This aspect of Paris had to be my favourite. Sure, the food was great and the Eiffel Tower was definitely a breath-taking landmark that you must see, but the culture of Paris is what really stood out to me. People seemed much more connected and open. It wasn’t like walking through down town Toronto streets where it’s difficult to receive a single smile from a passer-by. Parisian’s seemed to have a sincerely friendly manner to them. They didn’t seem to have those dark clouds hanging over them like the numerous city locals I’ve experienced around the world. Maybe this was because of all the amazing architecture around them. And I’m not just referring to the Notre Dame or the Louvre. Somehow, every single building around Paris was astounding. Every cafe, office building, and apartment in sight was a perfect example of European architectural perfection. Even if the paint was wearing, the uniqueness of each building stood out so much to me and made me envy those lucky Parisians who are lucky enough to wake up to such an immaculate city every day.



Marvellous Must-Sees

The ultimate free view of Paris can be seen from the top of steps which lead to the Sacré-Cœur. Although this area is absolutely brimming with tourists (and scam artists selling bracelets and key chains), the view from the top is definitely worth dealing with the crowd. However, after you admire the view, I suggest you walk around towards the back of Sacré-Cœur and through the back streets of Montmartre. This area is definitely one of my favourites of the city. There are dozens of cafe’s where you can sit and admire the amazing culture which surrounds you. If art and museums call to your heart, the Espace Dalí is a few blocks down from the Sacré-Cœur. Once you have finished walking through the busy streets and alleyways around Montmartre, you can make your way back down the hill and towards the Pigalle quarter, which is known for the numerous sex-shops, live shows, and of course, the Moulin Rouge theater. There’s even a museum here, Musée de L’érotisme (Museum of Eroticism), although I’m sure it has a little bit of a different style than the other galleries you may visit around Paris.


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