Working at a centrally located cafe I’ve been asked the question “What should I do in Galway?” countless times. In a city like Paris, the answers are quite obvious and vast. There’s specific monuments and locations to go to as a tourist. That’s not really the case in Galway. This city has a lot to offer, but not in the typical way one might expect. Of course, there are a few spots to see like the Spanish Arch (which is quite overrated and can be pretty disappointing if you have high expectations of it) and the Galway Cathedral, which is actually pretty amazing inside – definitely worth the visit. But if you want to get a true experience of Galway, I say stop looking. The real soul of Galway lies in the people and music around you. Stop to listen to the mass amounts of buskers playing up and down Shop/Quay Street. There are so many talented people who spend their days pursuing their passion of music by playing for the passerby’s in the Latin Quarter. Have a chat to them between songs or after their set. They’re all super friendly and chances are, they’ll give you a local tips on what to do the specific days you’re in town (they’ll probably self-promo a gig they’re playing at a local pub, which I highly recommend attending because you’re sure to have an amazing night). If you’re feeling a bit too shy to speak up, find the bands’ page on Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll most likely be able to find a list of  their local gigs there. If you’re looking for a more theatrical experience during your stay here, there iconic Druid theater is located in the city. They always have amazing shows going on and the cast and crew of Druid definitely will not disappoint. Another thing you could do to find what cool things may be going on around town, is going into a cafe (Cafe Temple is best for it) and look at the flyers/pamphlets they have on display. Certain places, like Cafe Temple, love to show support for the community, and they’ll surely point you in the right direction when you’re looking for a bit of guidance. Like most places, summertime is the best time to visit Galway. Not only are you more likely to see some sun (don’t hold me to that though), but there are numerous festivals going on from June through to September. The Galway Races, Galway Arts Festival, and the Oyster Festival, are the most iconic. However, no matter the time of year, Galway will always have something to offer. Just keep your eyes, and mind, open! If you do pass by this magical little bubble I currently call home, I hope you get to see the beauty of it the way I do.

Photo Credit: GalwayCoastCottages

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