A huge thing that people are prided on throughout life is their ability to make changes. Whether this is through weight loss or moving up in their company, progressing in life is something that underlines most of our goals. While we are achieving our personal goals and constantly bettering ourselves, we are changing. We are developing new interests and finding happiness in new forms. Yet, some people may place a different connotation on the changes you have made. When certain people in our lives aren’t completely satisfied with the new opportunities that you have brought into your life, they begin to identify the way you have changed in a negative light. The statement, “You’ve changed”, takes on a whole new meaning.

Why does changing tend to carry a negative connotation? I’ve changed so much in the past several years; I wouldn’t even recognize my high school self if I met her today, and I’m so glad that I wouldn’t. It’s only been four years since I graduated and I’ve went through many changes already, and I know I’m not done growing. I think evolving throughout life and changing through the things life throws at you is a natural process, but for some reason, I’ve come across many people who appreciate stagnancy over personal growth.

 The difficult thing with these types of relationships is that you find yourself being held down by those who are meant to help lift you up. The people in your life who are meant to support you and your goals, slowly turn into voices of doubt, and if you’re not careful you can soon find yourself second guessing the decisions you were initially perfectly confident in. If you’re considering pursuing a life of travel, be prepared to have these kinds of voices in your ear.

The most important thing to remember when those around you begin second-guessing your life choices, is that everyone has their own source of happiness. The things that bring my friends back home happiness, like having their own home or a job that they have trained hard for, don’t bring me the same feelings. I find happiness in exploring new cities, meeting new people, and moving on whenever I want. So don’t let others dictate how to live your life based on the way they find happiness. You’re your own person, so don’t be afraid to remind them of it!

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