How do you put the greatest feeling you’ve ever felt, into words? Take the happiest, most radiant, feeling you’ve ever experienced, and amplify that by a thousand. That’s the way I felt from Saturday January 7 until this moment, right now.

I’ve always struggled finding like-minded people. Scratch that, not struggled. I’ve never found any like-minded people, in my life. Sure I have had a few friends over the years who I’ve connected with and created strong bonds with, but that connection ended at a certain point. We could bond over life situations and certain likes and dislikes, but we couldn’t connect fully about important things like life passions, our desire to positively influence the world around us, or even the lives we wanted to live. I’ve always felt so different from everyone else because of this. I’ve felt weird and like I was doing something wrong. Even though I had friends throughout the years, I never felt like I fit in.

When I entered the doors of the YHA hostel in Lewes (a tiny town in the middle of the beautiful green countryside in Southern England), I knew that this was it. I knew that my spontaneous decision at 11:00 PM last night, to take a 5 hour, multiple train ride down, was the best decision I had ever made. The positive energy just swarmed me. Subconsciously, I felt comfortable, open, and authentically myself, for the very first time. My social anxiety was simply nonexistent and I began introducing myself to everyone and anyone. People were curious about one another and friendships were being created left, right, and center. It didn’t matter who you were, what you looked like, what kind of following you had. I have never met so many nonjudgmental individuals in my life. The mix of all these aspects created this infectious and radiant positive energy in the atmosphere. You would look around the room and everyone had bright, genuine smiles plastered on their faces. Smiles that I bet are still on their faces today because the high from the weekend just doesn’t seem to be wearing off anytime soon. And I never want it to. I want to surround myself with these individuals every single day of my existence because I’ve never been so happy, inspired, motivated, or connected, in my life. Whether we were singing by the campfire, outside in the countryside, or spilling our hearts out to one another, you knew that the moment you were experiencing was genuine. You knew that everyone around you was their authentic selves, even if they had never been able to be before. You knew that these simply beautiful moments were going to last in everyone’s memories for the rest of their lives, because you don’t come across life experiences like this very often.

I am so completely grateful to have experienced those raw moments this past weekend. I have never been so excited for my future. I am going to create, travel, connect, and further inspire. I am going to create a beautiful life where moments like these don’t only occur once every twenty one years. They will become frequent because I am going to create the most beautiful reality possible for myself. One year ago, I didn’t even think I would ever feel happiness again. This year, I know that happiness and positivity are the only things in store for me.

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