A Sea of Green Within the Big City

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am not a big-city lover. I would much rather spend a day surrounded by greenery, nature, and preferably, animals. However, London’s vast colourful parks within the architecturally European styled city, may have changed my mind.

Starting on Kensington Palace Gardens, the jaw-dropping, mansion-filled street, my day of adventuring around London began on a high note. The street, widely known as the most exclusive address in the city, houses national embassies, foreign royal families, and local multi-millionaires. Although the street’s homes have a prerequisite of insanely high income for the owners, I was pretty shocked glancing around at the fairly empty, modest driveways. These luxurious estates connect you to to the rich greenery known as the Kensington Gardens. This park is directly connected to Hyde Park and can provide you with hours of nature walks within the big bustling city.


Hyde Park reminded me of what I’ve seen of Central Park in New York City. An immense green getaway that’s tucked in the centre of all the action. Being the tree-hugging spirit I am I find so much importance in maintaining some form of connection with nature, especially when you’re in a place that continuously destroys this relationship. The modern day life of one of the millions of people who spend their days surrounded by high-rises, sewer-smell infused streets, and the sounds of overlapping car horns, definitely disconnects you from nature. Going from the subway (or the tube), to a polluted street, to a stuffy office building, the average city worker barely has a chance to get a breath of fresh air.

For that reason, maintaining a large, bright, area where people are given an opportunity to see shades of green instead of shades of grey, is pretty important. Taking a few moments to surround yourself by living things (like ducks, swans, even parakeets for the lucky Londoners) that don’t have smartphones glued to their faces, is pretty incredible. And I know, people might have very different opinions on this. After all, it is just a park. But at the end of the day, it provides city-goers with some form of connection to nature which they wouldn’t get otherwise. Plus, you never know what incredible creatures you might find tucked away in the sea of green.

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