Kensington Market

Have you ever visited a place where every direction that you looked in was something so exceptional that you couldn’t take your eyes away? Colours, smells, and sounds, that take your breath away. Cultures that are so prominent in every space that you see. This is the kind of atmosphere that engulfs Kensington Market in Toronto.


The neighbourhood is thought of to be the “hipster” area of the city, where the artsy deep-thinking individuals go to get a coffee and do some thrift shopping. However, I think it’s so much more than that. I think that this description of the area is not giving it enough recognition for how incredible it really is. When you step inside the neighbourhood you’re taken into a completely different world. You literally step from the hustle-bustle streets of the downtown core, into an area where you can see street artists playing the strangest of instruments that you’ve most likely never seen before. You find stores that have bright and colourful shoes and clothing items, handmade in Guatemala by a small family that makes you astounded by the fact that someone can have so much talent in their own two hands. You can enter cafe’s that view the creation of coffee making as a artistic form, indulging in providing each customer who walks through their door with a warming experience of a different side of the act of going for a coffee. You can easily spend an entire afternoon submerging yourself in this cultural area, walking in and out of storefronts, each encompassed with their own unique and fascinating story. But don’t get me wrong, Kensignton Market keeps going when the sun goes down. There are dozens of bars and pubs, each with its own cool vibe. Some have live music, featuring local artists from all genres. On top of that, most bars exhibit various local beers and alcohol which will give you a true taste (no pun intended) of Toronto. To anyone who’s visiting or thinking of visiting this incredible city, I definitely suggest taking a few hours out of your touristy day to indulge yourself into an atmosphere that is the raw version of what it truly means to be Canadian.


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