I arrived in Galway with the intention of spending a few months of my life here – 6 months and I’ll be on my way somewhere new. New Zealand was the next place I was thinking of moving to. Yet somehow, my 6 month mark has come and passed, and I’m sitting in a lovely apartment which I signed a 1 year lease on at the beginning of August. Once again, my life took an unexpected turn without me even realizing it. Every time I seem to make a “plan” for myself, the universe replies with a big ol’ laugh in my face.

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Galway. My friends, the cobblestone roads, the wild sea, the friendly (sometimes a little nutty) local faces, my absolutely perfect flat – Galway has become my home. The crazy part is that this is the first time in my life where I actually feel what it is to be home. Of course, I had a home in the town that I grew up in back in Canada, but I never truly felt home there. I never felt that I was surrounded by my people and the landscape around me wasn’t one that I wanted to be surrounded by. So it’s a pretty wild experience to become homesick when I’m out of Galway for a couple of days. I didn’t expect to feel this way or to be living here this long. But I’ve learned to let go of any expectations and go with the flow of life. I’ve learned that following the path that makes you most happy will always lead to the best results. And I’m absolutely positive that living in Galway is that path for me.



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