Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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Importance of Wildlife Conservation

After watching dozens of documentaries on wildlife and animals, I respect the fact that humans are on the same level of importance as all other living beings. I don’t believe that we should take advantage of our position in the world. I cringe at the thought of humans mistreating animals for their own selfish desires and entertainment. That’s why I don’t necessarily enjoy the idea of zoos, even though I am animal-obsessed. The thought of an animal being confined to an area the size of my bedroom, or even my apartment, is downright depressing. In the wild they have endless opportunities to roam the land, so it seems wrong to take this away from them and place them in a tight enclosure for their entire life. They should have the ability to roam around large areas of land, rather than walking in a circle all day. And I understand that the reality of life in the wild is not ideal for animals. In fact it seems to be getting more and more grim for all wildlife. Elephant poaching is still somehow a significant issue, which is mind-blowing to me because I don’t understand how some people can find more importance in ivory than another living being. Deforestation is causing loss of habitat for hundreds of species all around the world. High levels of noise activity (fishing, oil and gas extraction, etc.)  within the oceans are all severely affecting dolphins’ and whales’ ability to survive (they rely on sound). However, I think this is all the more reason for human beings to provide the greatest standard of living for the wildlife that are living under our care. Humanity has destroyed life for living beings around the globe, so it is imperative that these results are positively altered, and hopefully one day, reversed.


The Park

The aspect that hooked me on Yorkshire Wildlife Park was the realisation of the high quality of life that the animals have. Each group of animals have acres of land to roam and spend their days in. Their habitats within the park are perfectly replicated to their habitats in the wild. From waterfalls, to giant wooden jungle-gyms, to hill terrains, the animals have prime living grounds. They aren’t confined to a strip of flat grass or enclosed in glass boxes or cages. Throughout the walk through of the park you learn about the inspiring rescues of these fascinating animals and the vibrant, positive change that they have experienced from moving to YWP. Another aspect which I thoroughly enjoyed is the interaction between visitors and certain animals. The wallabies, lemurs, and spider monkeys, to name a few, are all located in large enclosures which they roam around freely. You can enter these enclosures and they hop around your feet. It’s pretty incredible getting to have such a hands-on experience with such curious animals. Overall, the experience was very positive. The park was engaging and an inspiring place to visit. Plus, getting to support an organisation which genuinely does good for its animals and provides them with happy lives felt pretty great.

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